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Welcome to Fly Vaayu

Vaayu Group's ventures into Air Cargo Operations

The Vaayu Group aims to rethink solutions for challenges within the aviation industry with a keen eye on the future. Since 2011 it has gorwn both organically and otherwise. Its global businesses now straddle large swathes of the Aviation industry under a competent and professional management and leadership team.

Vaayu has expanded operations across the globe. From Aircraft Leasing, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of Aircraft Interiors, Aircraft Storage and Teardown Services, Unmanned aircraft (Drones) training to Flight School Operation. Going forward, Vaayu plans to make Ras Al Khaimah one of Middle East’s prominent aviation hubs.

Welcome to Fly Vaayu

RAK's very own cargo airline set to start

Fly Vaayu LLC, part of the Vaayu Group, will be UAE’s first privately owned dedicated cargo airline with a fleet comprising three A320P2Fs and a A330P2F in two years’ time. It will support the rapidly growing air freight market using Ras Al Khaimah (RKT) Airport, UAE as its hub and connect Asia, Africa, and Europe to the GCC/UAE.

Fly Vaayu LLC (DBA Vaayu) will be a non-scheduled cargo airline focusing on offering an effective value proposition and bespoke solutions to local industries in UAE and to numerous other freight forwarders, importers, exporters, transhippers, ecommerce specialist, last mile delivery providers and any air cargo charterers including regional passenger airlines who like to take advantage of adding cargo revenue to their topline. We will offer multiple solutions for loads carried through us including overall operating cost efficiencies for each segment served.


UAE's first privately owned dedicated cargo airline

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Meet Our Team

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